Craft Room Tour

I love getting a chance to organize a craft space.

I’ve had a chance to change things up a few times. My initial set-up when I started as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in Burlington in 2003 was some Rubbermaid totes, some shelves and my dining room table.   When we moved houses in Burlington, I had a chance to nab a bigger space that accommodated up to 12 people for classes.   And I put together some of the start of my current set-up with the black picture shelves on the walls.  I then moved into a smaller room to accommodate my son and his girlfriend moving in with us.  This was just pre-covid, so it worked out as I didn’t hold classes during the worst of the pandemic.  I then started to get some of the IKEA furniture that you can see in my video below to accommodate a smaller space and the need for efficient storage.

When we moved to Kingston, Ontario, in the spring of 2021, I could mimic my current set-up almost exactly as we had a similar-sized house.  But after a year, I realized that our guest room needed to be bigger, and I decided to move my space into the smaller room in our house.  I then had to do a lot of purging and reorganizing.  There were a few things like family files (in a file cabinet) and the household printer that would not fit into my new space. So they stayed in the guest room. Here are some things that I love about my new space, even though it is smaller.

  • efficient use of all the closet space
  • hiding messy-looking items in the closet
  • drawer units that fit in the closet
  • paper storage where I can see at a glance what colours I have
  • paper storage that is not affected by the light (I forgot to mention in my video that I purposefully placed my paper on this wall so the sunlight would not affect it.)
  • drawers to hold all of the messy things.
  • how efficient and uniform looking the Stampin’ Up! Ink/marker storage is
  • open shelves from IKEA where I can see my ribbons and punches (no longer available but there are other similar products)
  • the lighting (pot lights, overhead light, and task lighting with OTT lights)
  • the carousel to hold my crafting tools at my fingertips
  • one long table to craft on
  • everything is close by so I can wheel around in my chair to access everything

My space is smaller, so I have to put my tools and things away as I work or when I’m finished.  No more build of big messes!

I love to hear what you think about my space.  And I love to hear how you organize yours.  Or what challenges you have with your storage.

I’ve listed below the items I’ve used from Stampin’ Up! and from IKEA (when it was still available).


Ikea stuff for stamp room

Stampin’ Up! Storage Product List

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