FAQ’s My Online Party

I’m hosting a Facebook Online Party this Friday, January 24th and I thought I’d answer some of the questions I get asked.

Question: What is it?

Answer: It’s a stamping party….ONLINE! To celebrate and show off the two new Stampin’ Up! Mini & Sale-a-bration 2020 Catalogues! I’ll have new Stampin’ Up! products to show you, prizes, new project ideas, techniques, some fun games.

Question: When is it?

Answer:  This Friday, January 24th from 9 a.m to 9 pm.

Question:  How do I attend?

Answer: Just request membership here:

Question:  What do I do?

Answer:  Once you join my private party group, you don’t need to do anything but follow along and like and comment on my posts.

Question: What if I’m only available for part of the time?

Answer:  You should still join the party. The posts will be numbered posts, so you won’t miss a thing. Jump in when you are free! New for this event, I’m also keeping the party open for comments and playing along all weekend so you have lots of time to catch up.

Question: You mentioned prizes. What are they?

Answer:  I have a ton of prizes.  The only two I have revealed so far are the two draws I’ll do.  One of the prizes is the new “Stitched So Sweetly” dies. I’ll be doing this as my “Early Bird Draw”. Anyone signed into the party by Wednesday, January 22nd, will be in my draw for these amazing more dies! One of the other prizes is the “Little Ladybug” stamp set. This is an exclusive host stamp set and I’ll be drawing for this prize from anyone who has invited and brought a friend to the party. Some of the prizes will be revealed in the party and some at the very end.

Question: I can’t make that time, should I still register?

Answer: You should still join the party. I’m keeping the party open for comments and playing along all weekend so you have lots of time to catch up. The posts will be numbered posts, so you don’t miss a thing.

Question: How do I get into the draws for the prizes?

Answer:  I’ll give you all the details once the party starts, but basically commenting and liking posts is what enters you into my draws.

Question: How many times will you post?

Answer: I’ll be posting approximately every 30 minutes over the course of the day.  Posts are numbered so you can jump in whenever you want and catch up then.

 Question: Will it be posted somewhere after?

Answer:  As long as you have signed into the party before it starts, you can view it anytime on Facebook.  The active part of the party is Friday, January 24th to Sunday, January 26th at midnight.  After that, you can just view the party (not participate or be entered into any draws).

Question:  What’s the catch?

Answer:  There is no catch. It is just fun!! I do these parties as part of my Stampin’ Up! business to get the word out about the new catalogues and product.  And I reward clients for playing along with the party and for placing orders with the prizes. I will not add you to any lists or contact you without your permission.

Question:  How do I keep up to date with the party?

Answer: The posts will each have a number so that you can find the posts anytime you want (example: Post 1. )  If you want you can even search for the posts in the search bar.

Question:  What if I want to place an order?

Answer: No problem.  I’ll have all the details on the party, but you can also check out this page with ordering information here.

Question: I’m American, can I still attend?

Answer:  Sorry, Canadians only! I can only do business in Canada.

Question:  I’m a demonstrator, can I still attend?

Answer:  This is for my clients and potential clients only.  I also ask people if they have a demonstrator before they are allowed to join.  Only my own team is allowed to participate for training purposes only. See more about joining my team here.

Question:  How do I contact you? 

Answer: The best way to reach me is via email at or you can call me or text me to 905-802-9902.  You can also tag me in the party group (just make a comment and add my name Jenn Tinline).

If you have a question for me, please email to or call/text to 905-802-9902.

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