The New ‘In Colors’

Every year there are five new “In Colors” released from Stampin’ Up!   Extensive research is done on colour trends by the the Stampin’ Up! Product Development to pick these five colours.    These colours are not neccesarily meant to go together, but to to complement and infuse the other current Stampin’ Up! colour collections.  You can see more about how they compare to other Stampin’ Up! colours in my post on Monday.  The new colours are:

  1. Rococo Rose
  2. Purple Posy
  3. Seaside Spray
  4. Terracotta Tile
  5. Pretty Peacock

You can get cardstock ink, ink refills, markers and embellishments all in these colours.  See all the available “In Color” produts below. The colours and the products are available for two years before they retire in May 2021, so you can be sure to get more of your favourites.

A quick note that as of today, the Purple Posy ink and refill are unavailable.  The bad news is that there is a quality control issue. The good news is that Stampin’ Up! is on top of it and will not let an inferior product be sold.  Watch for an update in my newsletter  (click here to add your name to my list) on when this issue will be fixed and when the colour will be available.  All of the other Purple Posy items (cardstock and embellishments) are still available.  See the items below.

Whic colour is your favourite?  To shop for any of the ‘In Color’ items click on any of the images below to go to my Online Store.  Be sure to check back on Monday to for a comparison of the new ‘In Colors’ with other current Stampin’ Up! colours.

If you would like a copy of the 2019-2020 Stampin’ Up! Catalogue, please let me know at

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