Taxes on Demonstrator Kits

Question: Which provinces have taxes on the demo kit?

Answer: Provinces that separate PST and GST charge PST on the kit.
Any province that charges HST (Harmonized Sale Tax) or QST (Quebec Sales Tax) don’t charge any taxes on the kit.
The list of provinces that DON’t charge taxes on the kit are:
  • Alberta (no PST)
  • New Brunswick (HST)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (HST)
  • Northwest Territories (no PST)
  • Nunavut (no PST)
  • Ontario (HST)
  • Prince Edward Island (HST)
  • Yukon (no PST)
The list of provinces that DO charge taxes on the kit are:
  • British Columbia (PST of 7%)
  • Manitoba (PST of 7%)
  • Saskatchewan (PST of 6%)
Manitoba and New Brunswick have a license cost (not sure what that is).
Here is a link for the New Brunswick license (it is $75).…/services_renderer.622.Direct…
Regarding Manitoba, the SU Canadian Head office handles this and I’ll give you contact info.

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