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I’d love you to join my team of growing demonstrators.  We are called Jenn’s Junkies.

Have a look at what some of my team members have said.

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What I love about the Junkies group is that everyone is so supportive and helpful.  It truly is like one big family. ~ Pam S. from Lakefield, ON
Jenn is a patient, helpful person. I was very green when starting with Stampin up but having someone like Jenn, who takes time to talk to you and give you advice has been so helpful and appreciated, being on Jenns team has been a wonderful experience. ~ Paula C. from Mississauga, ON
Whether you are a business oriented demo or a hobby demonstrator, there are so many benefits to joining Jenn Tinline’s Stampin’ Up! team of Demonstrators. Here is what I love about this group….there is so much creative inspiration for beginners and seasoned stampers;   new friendships with crafters who share a love of stamping/paper crafting; business, technical and marketing support and strategies; several in-person and on-line events and resources to share information such as our FB group, team meetings, play dates, swaps, and challenges.    All of the above is fostered by Jenn, our team leader.  She has built this team to be what it is (such a fun and supportive group of stampers!), and gives so much of her time and energy by organizing and initiating these team events, keeping us up to date with new information, and  providing encouragement and support.  I love being a member of Jenn’s Junkies! ~ Laura S. from Hamilton, ON
I’ve yet to meet Jenn in person since I live a couple hours away from her, but she has been my upline for a few years and always has time for my questions.  Despite the distance, I always have a connection with Jenn every team mate who are always supportive and helpful.  Jenn is a truly supportive leader who is always available to us and I can’t imagine being with anyone else.  ~Daryl B. from Newcastle, ON
I was introduced to Stampin’ Up by a coworker way back in 2010 when I placed my first order with her demonstrator. I was asked if I wanted to join, but I never really understood what that meant. Fast forward to now, I actually found my demonstrator as I needed one to place an order. But I’m so glad I found Teresa and Jenn, through her. These two ladies are never hesitant to answer ANY questions I have. They are genuine in their approach to want to teach you what it means to be part of the Stampin’ Up family.  Fully supportive of what you want Stampin’ Up to mean to you whether it’s for business or pleasure or both. I am thoroughly enjoying this journey and looking forward to seeing where I can go 🙂  ~ Cheryl R. from Milton, ON
I don’t think I could have a better leader than Jenn and am so lucky I ended up being part of her team. She has a vested interest in her team’s success and it shows through her team meetings, events, and ongoing communication to make sure we have the information and tools we need to run a successful Stampin’ Up! business. She really is the best! ~ Lisa H. from Hamilton, ON
I enjoy Jenn’s enthusiasm for promoting Stampin’ Up! products and her dedication to do so. Also her commitment to our team is outstanding with daily contact with everyone through social media and emails. Thanks! ~ Cindy S. from Fisherville, ON
I love being part of Jenn’s dynamic demonstrators team! Jenn provides true leadership and the team has great energy, enthusiasm and support for one another! Go Junkies! ~ Beverly T. from Scarborough, ON
Jenn not only inspires her team members she motivates and challenges us to try new avenues like Facebook live in order to grow our businesses.  She unselfishly offers her free time to work one on one with her down line to assist us in areas where she has gained extensive knowledge from her own personal hands on experiences and is more than willing to share. ~ Diana L. from Hamilton, ON
I love being a Junkie because I get to learn and grow from like minded individuals who have become my friends.  Together we are able to grow and evolve our skills and capabilities while having a ton of fun. ~ Stephanie N. from Mount Hope, ON
Jenn is such a great team leader! Not only does she inspire and motivate, but she’s always there to answer questions, offer suggestions and even provide samples/display boards to show off at your events when yours are a little sparse. And on top of all that she creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like family! ~ Teresa M. from Milton, ON
What do I like about being on the Junkies team??   Where do I start. I first value all the support Jenn gives me when I have a question or want to learn something new.  I love our team meetings where I get help with what may not be working in my business and I get to hear other people’s perspectives and ideas and realize that I am not alone and my issues are not unique.  I love how creative this group is.  But most of all I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and the close friendships I have gained.   ~ Moira S. from Ancaster, ON
I am a new team member under one of Jenn’s team members. I have to say I do enjoy all the feed back that everyone on the team gives everyone. Plus the support and suggestions. Nothing is too strict or structured which is nice. ~ Lynn C. from Wharton, ON
I love being part of Jenn’s team because I’m always being inspired, challenged and supported.  Jenn is the best leader, always ready to inform, to teach and get us interested in being better.  She teachs us to learn the techno side of things, how to market our products, where to go for information.  She give us links to things and reminders about upcoming seminars that will help us.  She gives us everything she have learned.  Jenn encourages us to be friends with each other, to help each other.  She shares her ideas and she has get togethers that would exhaust most people.  I think you are the best leader and I wish Stampin’ Up! just knew what a gem you are to your group. ~ Eileen M. from St. Catharines, ON
Jenn is a great supporter of her team. With options of in-person and virtual meetings she encourages us and passes on new ideas. She also gives us a forum to learn to use social media and various platforms which we can then put to practice in our own business. I appreciate that Jenn listens to us and “tweaks” her ideas to really work for her team. Above all, she’s just a really nice person! ~ Darcie C. from Burlington, ON
I consider myself to be very lucky to have Jenn as an upline.  She is so helpful, whether you are a hobby demo or more goal oriented in your demonstratorship.  She has created a number of venues for communication with her team, and as everyone learns a different way, I very much appreciate this.  She leads a team that is support based, and we all reach out to each other whenever a demo has a need arise.  ~ Kim S. from Stoney Creek, ON

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