The Top 3 Questions

Get more in your demonstrator kit when you get your kit by the end of March!

Get two extra stamp sets! Along with the already discounted price of $135 (no taxes or shipping costs!).

The TOP THREE questions people ask me about the kit are:

Q1.  What’s the catch?

A1.  There isn’t one.  Pay $135 with no taxes or shipping.  Get $165 worth of products (that is worth over $200 with taxes and shipping) PLUS get two extra stamp sets (thats approximately another $160 in value).

Q2.  What am I obligated to do after I get the kit?

A2.  Nothing.  Get the kit for the savings and there are no obligations after that.  Really, truly, there are no penalties or quotas or sales requirements if you just want the kit.

Q3.  What if I do want to try a class or sell to my friends?

A3.  Great, I can help you with that.  Your kit gives you the tools you need and I’ll help you figure out what works for you with your time and knowledge!  All options are open to you.

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