Adhesive Sale

Concept for delivery service. Package flying down from sky with parachute. Flat design colored vector illustration.

Buy a minimum of 5 of the adhesive products shown below and get free shipping!*

No limits on the number of items.
Plus all orders count towards my loyalty points and
any orders over $50 also get my monthly project sheets.

Fill up on what you don’t have!  Stock up on your favourites!

Sale runs Dec. 20 – Dec. 30th, 2016 at midnight.
Valid only thru Jenn Tinline and via email orders only.
You must contact Jenn to get the deal.  No refunds on any online orders for this deal!
Offer can be combined with other orders (don’t forget to check out the  Year-End Closeouts sale HERE).
*taxes extra.  I can ship to you or to me.
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Email Jenn at what items you would like.





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