Blendabilities Update

As some of you know, there have been some issues with the Blendabilities markers, which had resulted in the product not being able to be ordered.

Stampin' Up! has determined that the problem with the Blendabilities is related to when the tip is welded to the barrel, the welding process can leave microscopic (invisible) holes in the marker tip. This leads to accelerated evaporation of the alcohol in the ink.  And hence some of the markers are either dry initially or become dry quickly.

Stampin' Up! initially noticed quality issues with this product, but they were within normal tolerance. But recently the manufacturer is now reporting a 30 to 40 percent fail rate before they are shipped to Stampin’ Up!—which is unacceptable.

Therefore, the product line is being discontinued, effective immediately.

Stampin' Up! does want to find a solution as the Blendabilities were very popular and the demonstrator base has been asking for a product like this for years.  But they won't do anything until they have a reliable product line that will truly meet our needs.

If you have purchased Blendabilties from me check them all ASAP.  If you are happy with the product (many of mine are just fine), then you can keep the markers and use them.  If you feel they are defective or you want to return them, please contact me ASAP.  Stampin' Up! will offer any other Sale-a-bration product for Sale-a-bration Blendabilities and will offer a refund for any defective markers that you paid for (but only for a short time).

 I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration of this issue.  As much as I'm frustrated about this turn of events, I do applaud Stampin' Up!'s commitment to make sure that we only offer quality products and are willing to pull items from the product line that don't meet those standards.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Jennifer tinline


Jenn Tinline



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