All in the Family Van Decals

Look what I did to our van!   These are so cute..I can't stand it…I want to look at them every time I go to my van!  And look how Tom and I are holding hands (after 15 years together too…ahh!) 

I think these decals would make an awesome gift for the hard to buy for.  Put them on a bulletin board, above your coat hooks, a picture frame..wherever!

Check out the complete decor line in the Stampin' Up Decor Brochure.



All in the Family:

Tom, Jenn, Cass, Duncan, Shadow & Oreo








I found it was easier to see where I wanted to place the items by cutting them out first and then using painters tape to postition them.  Decor-out-of-package

I then worked on them one at a time using the applicator tool.


Let me know if I can add some decor elements to my next order for you.

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