Stamping Survivor: WINNERS!

Survivor If you are a faithful reader of my newsletters, then you would have seen my ordering contest while I was away in Hawaii.  If not, let me know you want to sign up, by sending me an email to or sign up in the upper left hand corner of my blog.

Now the beautiful part about this contest is EVERYONE was a winner, and not just a little winner, but HUGE winner.  I had 3 prizes for each day I was gone for orders that came in that day.  And it is like you guys were talking to each other as you all placed orders on different days!  And the EXTRA bonus is that if no one else ordered on that same day then YOU get all the prizes for that day! Too cool eh!

Here's a taste of what the winners are getting:  full stamp sets like Define your Life ($55 value); Flight of the Butterfly ($37 value); other stamps sets valued over $50; exclusive level 2 and LEVEL 3 hostess sets that are no longer available, other hostess sets and Sale-bration stamps, Designer Papers, Hodgepodge Hardware, Ribbon spools & MORE!!  39 WONDERUL prizes that I've been saving up for!  Bet you wish you had done this now!!!  To use Survivor lingo…"too late, the tribe has spoken!"


And the SOLE SURVIVOR of them all who gets her entire $79.37 order for FREE!!!! is Teresa Milke. Congrats Teresa!  I used the technical method throwing the order forms up in the air and the first one I caught was Teresa's!

Here's the winners who are each getting 3 prizes each! Please contact me to claim your prizes.

Day 1:  Wendy W.

Day 2: Vanessa W.

Day 3: Amber R.

Day 4:  Rose Marie W.

Day 5: Carissa D.

Day 6:  Bobbie S.

Day 7:  Boohoo no orders!

Day 8:  Teresa Milke

Day 9:  Julie W.

Day 10:  Heather Ann M.

Day 11:  Donna D.

Day 12:   Karen K.

Day 13:   Moira S.


Congrats to all!! 

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