Card Kits Sale ends October 11th.

  I LOVE the new card kits from Stampin' UP!  You can make quick and easy cards using the contents of the kits.  It comes with instructions and all the cardstock, designer paper and cardstock self-adhesive die cuts. 

    I got the Handmade Holiday Card Element Kit and only added some greetings and just a bit of ribbon on a couple of cards and I have 18 different cards.  I put them together in 1.5 hours while watching TV!  And right now (only until oct. 11th) the kit is 20% off, so $16.76 (plus tax and shipping).  What a great deal for approximately $1 a card. 

 Send email to me at to order you kit or shop online NOW  and look for item #112016.

IMG_0362  IMG_0364 IMG_0363

IMG_0365  The kit comes with cardstock (which I cut in half to make card bases, patterned papers, which I cut into strips and self adhesive die cuts and complete instructions.  IMG_0366  IMG_0367 Here's my completed collection of cards.

And here's the lot of them.  I made the 3 designs according to the directions and then I started varying the patterns.  Click on any images to see them larger.


IMG_0368   IMG_0370  IMG_0385  IMG_0384 

IMG_0383  IMG_0382  IMG_0381   IMG_0380  IMG_0379  IMG_0378 IMG_0377  IMG_0376  IMG_0375  IMG_0374  IMG_0372  IMG_0371 

There are also 2 other card kits and 2 simply sent
card kits available that include not only the cardstock, but the stamps, inks, adhesive and accessories (these are a FANTASTIC gift idea!).  Check them out on page 176-7 of your Catalogue or online by clicking HERE.

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