How To: Decor Elements.

Complete directions and pictures are included in your package…it is super EASY!  But I learned a couple of other tidbits to pass on while putting mine up.

First of all the applicator tool is essential as you need to rub firmly on the vinyl sheets.

First step is to line it all up.  Tape it to your wall and use pencil marks at the edges of your paper.

Decor elements line it up 

Next of all, spend time rubbing the image to the transfer sheet…this is the key to making this work well! 

Be patient…it is remarkably easy…just takes a bit of time.  I put this one up from start to finish (and it was my first one) in 28 minutes!

Decor elements peeling back transfer paper This is the final step, peeling the transfer paper away from the wall!

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