What MONEY can I make as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

Ever wonder what you would earn if you taught a Stampin Up class every month?  Every other month?  How about if you wanted to work one evening a week?  What could you expect to earn?  Here is a realistic chart of what you may earn based on average class attendance and average sales.  Keep in mind that some months are much better sales months than others such as September through November and February through May. 

# of Classes you teach

per month

# of Guests Per Class who pay the $15fee

Average Sales Per Class is $400

Commission  20%



Bonus Commission if over $525.00 in sales for the month

Month Total Earnings


1 class



6 = $90










2 classes

6 = $90

times 2=$180











3 classes

6 = $90

times 3=$270











4 classes

6 = $90

times 4= $360












 If you’d like more details about the other bonuses (product and cash bonuses) Stampin’ Up! gives out based on the sales you make each month please just ask.  There’s more to your rewards than just instant earnings. 

 Also, you’re probably going to sign up a demonstrator or 2 if you’re doing classes regularly so you would also receive earnings from them not shown on the above table. 

So basically, if you taught one class a week each month you’d average about $210 a night.

 Not bad, eh?

 Jenn Tinline, Stampin’ Up Demonstrator


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