How to Make a Gumball Greetings Shaker Card

I made this Gumball Machine Shaker card during my LIVE last Friday!

You can view that Facebook Live here.

Jenn gumball greetings how to

I love everything about this card including:

  • the adorable “gumballs” or Frosted Beads (see the supply list below)
  • the opening to get the gumballs (who doesn’t love a little surprise element in a card)
  • the little 5 cent token
  • the little moveable knob
  • the embossed silver plaque on the front
  • the brick wall (in my video I explain that I thought of it as a gumball machine in a grocery store)
  • the pole (that is something I added that isn’t in the die or stamp set)
  • the matching punny saying on the inside (see my TikTok video HERE to see that and the shaking in action).
  • the fact that it looks good in any colour

Be sure to check out the supply list below.  And also see the video on Facebook for tips on things like the background, getting ink on the coin, a tip for the “knob”, and tips on using adhesive sheets.

Try your hand a gumball card!  Perfect for birthdays and fun cards for all ages!!  Shake, shake, shake!

Product List

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