Valentine Card with Sealing Wax Technique made by an 11 year old



My son made this Valentine card with this cool technique on it.


Valentines-card-with-sealin Valentines-card-wax-close-u

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  1. Virginia Newcombe

    Brilliant!!! You must be the proudest Mum on the net 🙂 You need to give him his own category on your blog. I’m a Cub Scout leader in Australia & I’m not sure any of my Cubs could as good a job. Well done!

  2. Future demo! Brilliant job! And beauty of a card!

  3. Great Card !! I am totally going to have to try this technique. TFS !!

  4. He was happy to see your comment Donna..thanks!

  5. Thanks Sareeta, Will let Duncan know!

  6. OMG Jenn!
    Your son is so talented and professional! Well done! Love the card and the technique!

  7. That is all kinds of fantastic!!! He did a GREAT job in the video!