Easy Christmas Ornaments

I've been having fun making up these glitter Christmas Ball Ornaments at my kids classes.

Then I took them one step further and used my Rhinestone Jewels to personalize the front of the balls.   On our family set below, I made one for Jenn, Tom, Cass, Duncan and the cats, Shadow and Oreo.    I'm giving a set to each of my family members this year.





To  make these balls:

  1. Buy clear ornament balls from a local craft store.
  2. Then put in 25 drops of a Stampin' Up! reinker of any colour.
  3. Roll the reinker around to completely coat the inside of the glass.  Then allow the excess to drain out. 
  4. Add about 1 teaspoon of dazzling diamonds glitter and shake the ball (cover the hole with your finger or saran wrap first).  Or use a matching coloured glitter (Stampin' Up has various colours) for a very vibrant and glittery ornament.  Tap out the excess glitter and re-use. 
  5. Voila, a simple and gorgeous project! 

Alternate IDEAS

  • Use Pledge Future floor wax instead of a re-inker.  It is clear liquid so you have to use a coloured glitter inside.
  • Or try various combinations.  For the "T" ball below, I used a green reinker and then a mix of 3 coloured glitters.  It has a very prismatic effect in person.
  • You could also use stickers on the outside of the ball, or sticky cut letters (covered in a contrasting glitter), initials, names, dates or even a little picture of someone.  Have fun!



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  1. these are so great Jenn! Thanks for sharing!