I feel special!

Su-invite-closed I received this beautiful invitation in the mail to have a special dinner on our cruise, with a member of the corporate team.  They pick a couple of demonstrators each year to treat to a fancy dinner!

The invitation is so pretty.   I Love how it is tied in the front with the elegant Olive Satin Ribbon.  The stamp set is a wedding stamp set called “Wedding Sweet” (p. 48 of the current catalogue), but it works well as just a spring time set.

To get the multi-colours, use a marker on the stamp!    These would make great wedding invitations!

Notice how the envelope matches!! I was excited to get such a pretty envelope in the mail! Su-invite-openWhy not stamp your envelopes, next time you send a card and get your friends excited too.

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  1. That is super sweet Kerry, Thanks and right back at you!

  2. Didn’t realize your cruise was coming up so quickly!! Gorgeous invite – you should feel special cause you are!! Have an amazing time!