Look what people are saying…

…about my Stamp Club!

I recently asked my Stamp Club Members what they like about stamp club and here's what some of them said. 

It is easy , it is fun, you get to meet new people and you go home with something very original  to send to your friends.  Also it gives you ideas to make wedding  , baptism,  or children's party invitation.  I had fun making my own valentine cards this year  I am now planning a special 19 th wedding anniversary card for my sister.  Hey you cannot find that in a card shop.  Jen is really sweet and she makes it very easy to do something that looks super cool.  You can also get stamps in other languages . 

Paulette M.   from Burlington


I like the Stamp Club because it is just 8 people who you get to know and because by making the cards I know how easy or difficult each card is to make while learning new techniques.

Diane Hickman

I am a new member of only a few months now and I am loving it! At first I thought that I might not be that good at it or it may be too time consuming with my two wee ones under 4 and working full time, but that was not the reality at all. The club meetings are lots of fun and a good break from a busy week.  I love the instant gratification of walking away with completed projects as I am not very crafty.  Jenn has wonderful ideas and takes the time to show you all the tricks. I am making cards and accessories all the time and if I ever get a spot to scrapbook in, I will be using my stamps for that too.  Come on out and have some fun!

Kate Taylor of Burlington


 I love stamp club because:

1) I get to have a night out each month to do what I love.

2) I get to learn some new techniques.

3) I get to make cards/projects that are new to me.

4) I get to use Jenn's cool tools!

5) When it was my turn to host, I get the rewards of having a party, without trying to organize it at my own house!

Lisa Moore of Burlington


Stamp Club is wonderful because it is a standing appointment for YOURSELF. By having scheduled time to be creative, you feed yourself in a way that allows you to keep on giving to others. Therefore, stamping is actually good for your health! Really, it's a great way to plug back into something that you love, and to meet like-minded (read: crazy for crafting!) people. What's not to love about that? 

Jane Allison of Burlington


Hi Jennifer:  The reason I have continued to come to stamp club has been each month I have learned a new technique, spent time with other ladies that have some great ideas but mostly your personable way and all the help you offer at stamp night and at other times as well just a phone call or an e-mail and you are there to be of help.

 Dianna Clark of Burlington


I have 2 openings in a Stamp club that starts this month.  Ask me for a copy of the club information sheet.

Watch my blog tomorrow for some more Club Members thoughts.

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