Guest Artist: Jen Kibitlewski: Recycled Christmas Ornament

  Jen-k-ornament-2 Jen-k-side Jen-k-back 

Re-use and recycle a ribbon roll for a beautiful ornament!  I could see putting a picture of your kids or favourite pet on here too!

 I love what Jen did here using the very versatile, all season "Branch Out" stamp set (currently available on the dormant list). 

She has pasted on a front an back stamped piece to the ribbon roll and glued a bit of ribbon around the spool to hide the cardboard and to hang the ornament.

What a clever idea Jen!  So keep all of your old ribbon and cord spools and make something beautiful!Jen-k-ornament

I am always looking for guest artists…if you have something you like to submit, please send me a picture to Jenn Tinline

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  1. This is an excellent idea! I knew those spools would come in handy sometime!!