The Stamper's Disorders Quiz

Ok lets face it, if you are reading this you are probably have some sort of stamping disorder.  Don't believe me??…take my 2 minute quiz to find out.   Woman sick

1.  Do you like to stamp or scrapbook?

2.  Do you own a copy of the Stampin' UP Idea Book and Catalogue?

3.   Do you have stamps that you have not mounted yet?

4.   Have you bought a set or accessory and forgot what you were going to do with it?

5.   Do you have to clean a spot every time you sit down to make a card or a scrapbook page?

6.  Do you like getting together with other crafting friends?

7.   Do you think that stamping/scrapbooking provides you with a break or some "therapy".

8.  Are you so busy that you are procrastinating something just by reading this?

9.  Do you have tabs or folded over pages in your Stampin' Up catalogue?

10.  Can you name at least 5 Stampin' Up Colours with their proper names like Whisper White?

Now tally it up your answers…one point for each Yes and zero points for a NO.

Answer Key:

1-3 points.  You have a mild case of stamping anxiety.  You often feel worried that you don't know how to put together a crafting project.  You are slightly confused and strangely eexcited when your  your friends and your demonstrator speaks of "accessories" and "stamping scrub" and "crop-a-dile".  The Idea Book and Catalogue causes you to drool profusley.  The best know cure is simple:  attend several home workshops or host one yourself.  Left untreated this could lead to the hyperactive crafter.

4-6 points.  You are a hyperactive crafter.  This person, especially at a crafting event, can't sit still.  They may dash around or ask questions incessantly ("How does that tape work? What is a blender pen?  How do I stick down dazzling diamonds?).  Sitting quietly through Stampin' Up workshop can be an impossible task. Frequently they will make sounds such as "wow, oooh, aaa, cool, amazing".  They will want to touch everything.  Easily identified by the glitter  on their face and body.  Unfortunately for these crafters, it gets worse before it gets better, as they need to attend multiple classes, stamp club or maybe even take a double dose like Stamp Camp to feel better.

 7-8 points.  Obessive, compulsive Stamper.  This person is charcterized by actions such as hoarding cardstock and stamps and reptitive acts such as cleaning stamps and cutting mulitple pieces of cardstock. This stamper will own everything in the "all natural" stamp set section, a stamping scrub, a large paper cutter and a stamp-a-ma-jig.  This person also worries that they will miss an event, special or new technique and reads their demonstrators email the minute it arrives.  For this stamper, to minimize stress, it is best to be prepared and mark the arrival of the Stamp with Jenn newsletter on the calendar for for the first Tuesday morning of each month.  Other coping strategies include purchasing products from the storage items pictured on page 203 of the Idea Book and Catalogue and registering early for all classes. 

9-10 points.  Demonstrator Delirium.  Characterized by a remarkable ability to surf the internet looking for great ideas while "working" on other tasks.  This person will obsess on colour choices or cardstock placement in and remark on wall colours that resemble Stampin' Up colours.   The arrival of a UPS truck, Stampin' Up Demonstrator Vehicle or Mini Catalogue can frequently put the person at risk of cardiac arrest. The arrival and opening of a new Stampin' Up Idea Book and Catalouge must be performed with a balanced combination of caffeine, sugar & post it notes.  Symptoms of the delirium may include inability to concentrate and rambling or incoherent speech with words like "brayers, grommets, polished stone, and crayon resist."  Disturbances of sleep & drowsiness due to overexposure of the Idea Book and Catalogue can occur.  Memory lapses are common (do I own that punch?)    Only know cure:  become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator (in fact probably should have done it years ago). 

So, how did you do??

Ohh and in case you are wondering, I'm well into my Demonstrator Delirium (and proud of it!) 

Leave me a comment below and let me know what disorder you have!

Medicine bottle And if you are looking for a prescription, check out my CALENDAR  of summer classes.

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  1. Ok Lisa…that is bad…LOL! Why am I not surprised?
    You know what you gotta do (and there is a special on now too! )

    And we need a new rep at Tom Thomson school!
    Let’s talk!

  2. Yikes! I ended up with 9 points!! Help! 🙂