And the winner is…..

Drum roll please!  The Winner of my Retirement Stamp Set Guessing Contest is Kerry Johnson, who guessed 6 out of 10 stamps sets that are retiring.  Yes I know there were a couple more people who guessed 6 too…so I had to do a do a tie breaking draw and Kerry won!  And really Kerry must have a horseshoe around her neck because this is the third time she has WON!!  What is up with that?  I think maybe Kerry is just really smart (she has her own blog and she is not even a demonstrator!).  Who here thinks Kerry should be a demonstrator??  Make sure you check out my blog this Friday as Kerry is my featured guest artist too (and I'm still looking for other artists too, just sent me an email to

Congratulations Kerry!   You win a stamp set from my stash…I've got a handful to choose from.  Yahoo! 

Drum Kit  Thank you to everyone else who played my contest, I am putting a lovely card sample in the mail to you! 

Check out the retiring lists by clicking HERE.

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