You and Moi GIVEAWAY

You and moi hardwarew copy  Valentines Day is less than a week away and I'm feeling the LOVE.  I made this cute little card using the "You and Moi" stamp set…many cute hearts and sayings in this set.  AND I have an extra set to GIVE AWAY!  All you have to do is leave me a comment below saying who you love and I'll enter your name to receive this stamp set.  Deadline is Feb. 14th at 9 p.m.  Open to Canadians only!

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  1. Hi Jen. Thanks for all your amazing ideas and support!

  2. Hey Jenn, I love my husband Jason and my puppies Mookie and Doozer, of course! Well I love Doozer sometimes…puppies can be some hard work! Thanks for everything you do Jenn!

  3. I love my two little Furry Faced Kids! They give unconditional love and are so excited to see you even when you are having a bad day! Oh ya, I do love my husband too, but I thought that was a given :>). By the way, my furry faced kids are Boston Terriers! The best doggies anyone could ask for.
    Jenn your card is great…..I also love the way you used the hodge podge!

  4. Hi Jenn, I love my family – each and everyone but the little ones who run my life (and the big one too) are my favorites!!! LOL!!

  5. Cute card – I might have to steal it!
    As for my loves – I have many loves – but the strongest ones are my wonderful husband and my beautiful son. A close 3rd is my Stampin’ Up Club and the awesome demonstrator (a little brown nosing I suppose…) ! There are many more but too many to mention!

  6. I love my family, which is more difficult right now, because my husband, joe is in calgary for work. Untill the end of march. Not only will he miss Valentines day, but his birthday will be spent out there as well. Good thing love travels well!!

  7. I love my man, my kids, my family!

  8. It’s so great to hear of everyone who loves their hubby/boyfriends! I too love my man most of all, he’s my true best friend and I’d be lost without him. And, anyone who knows me knows that I also love my pets; they are my little furred and feathered children!

  9. I love my boys, my pups and my special friends, I gotta lot of lovin!

  10. I love my hubby and kiddos of course 🙂 and would LOVE a new stamp set too 😉

  11. I love my family, Alan, Kristy and Meaghan. I also love the card, it’s simple, elegant and beautiful colours. Have a Happy Valentines Day Jennifer.

  12. That’s a great card…. I really like the colours that you used! It’s difficult to narrow it down to one person….so I would have to say that I love my whole family! Have a great day!

  13. Hi Jenn,
    Very nice card. I love my little family, including my four cats, and all my very good friends. Don’t think I’m too crazy about the picture of me tossing the ‘sticky thing’, but it was very good fun.

  14. Hi Jenn,
    Nice Card. I love my little family and that includes my four cats. No so sure I love
    the picture of me tossing that ‘sticky thing’in your News Letter, but it was lots of fun. Ann

  15. The many loves a person has reflects their inner soul. It shows who made them who they are and who they want to be. Like everyone else, I love my family, friends and send them cards for prosperity.

  16. I love my husband who has put up with me for 40 years, also my mom, my kids and especially my granddaughter

  17. I would say I love my man. He is so supportive in every venture I under take, it doesn’t get much better then him.


  18. I love my husband – been together for over 20 years, we’re still each other’s best friend! I love my one & only son – he is my world! I love my mother in law – couldn’t imagine not having her support! P.S. – also love my cats!!

  19. Hi Jenn,

    This is a really cute card and a great idea! I’m going to shadow what most people have said and say that I do in fact love my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and my little puppy Mowgli! Happy Hearts Day!

    Love Melinda

  20. I love my babies and my sweetie. Thanks for running the contest!

  21. I love my family Alan, Kristy and Meaghan. I also love the card. Great colour combination!Happy Valenines Day Jennifer.

  22. Who I love… my little kids of course! And i guess my honey too.

  23. You are so thoughtful, Jenn. I love my whole family. Don’t love the snow so much anymore. Ready for some spring.

  24. Hi Jenn,
    I love the card and stamping and most of all my family!

  25. I love YOU, Jenn! You help me feed my “addiction” each month, and you show me creative ideas that I would never come up with if I was always tucked away at home alone. 🙂

  26. I love Jamie (my hubby) Em (daughter) and Dexter (family puppy)

  27. Alanna (al_silver2)

    What a cute card! My loves are my three guys…my hubby and my 2 boys! They make it all worthwhile!

  28. I love the beautiful man that I live with, mostly because he never lets me forget how much he cares and how lucky he is that we are together.

  29. Hi Jenn
    I love my mom too. The rest of my family is a close second, especially my cute little nephew!

  30. Super cute card Jenn!! Love that colour combo!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Hi Jenn:) Who i love…well i guess i would say my mom (don’t really have a man at the moment). I lost her in 2005, and miss her every day.
    HOpe you and your family have a great valentines day:)