Fun decorating stuff for your home!


   There is a new installment of the Decor Elements Line from Stampin' UP!  If you are looking for a fun and fast home make-over to do this winter, why not check out the hottest trend: vinyl wall art. 

 It goes up easily (there is even a quick on line video with instructions I'll send you) and if you get tired of it, it comes down easily (the product is not re-usable, but your walls are unharmed).  We even have a new stencil product too.

There are great images for your kitchen, your entrance way, your living room and the kids rooms (both boys and girls)!  And there are items you can personalize too.

Check out the decor elements that I put up in my workshop room by clicking HERE.

View the online brochure HERE or email me to get your personal copy at

Decorsample1  Decorelements2  Decorelements3  Decorelements4

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