Bermuda Triangle does exist!

We are back from our Stampin’ UP Bermuda Cruise Bermuda_map and WOW I’m totally convinced the triangle does exist.  It started out great..we had a fabulous day in New York the day before we left.  Here we are oImg_00751n top of the Empire State Building, in Times Square and in the New York Public LibraTimes_square_boysry. Img_00961 It was supposed to be this unforgettable family vacation (all earned free with Stampin’ Up) but right from the get go we seemed to be in the twilight zone.

  Within hours of sailing away, our oldest son Cass was violently seasick and I was queasy.  That continued for a day and then I was seasick. My poor husband was exhausted taking care of use and entertaining Duncan who was raring to go.  We missed a day in Bermude while we were all recovering.  Bermuda_1_2 And even though Duncan then got sick on the way home and Cass and I were spaced out due to all the medication we were on, we did manage to have a good time!  Bermuda was very beautiful! I’m thinking a cruise where you lose weight must be a good thing!

When we finally got off the ship, they were having the coldest day that they’ve had all winter! Here are my boys bundled up in front of the ship. Img_0262_2

Cass figures that he actually swam in the Bermuda triangle (well more like dipped his feet in…it was still cold).  The waters were a beautiful clear shade of blue!  Img_0635 Img_0644 Check back again later and I’ll show you some of the stamping things I saw!

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