Tattoo Princess- A testimonial

"The Easter Bunny brought my daughter, Elizabeth, a Stampin’ Up Tattoo Kit the other day, and as you can see, she loves it.  It was fun for the two of us together actually!  The outline stamp was easy to put on and then we could pick from the six colours how to shade it in.  So far, she has mostly only used the crown stamp to go with her princess stickers, as you can see.  She has asked everyday this week to have a tattoo.  Luckily, they washed off really easily, even after she "coloured in" her own design – all over her hand!"  Cathy Geddes, Stoney Creek, ON Tattoos_and_stickers_002_2_11 Tattoos_and_stickers_003_1_11

What a CUTIE!!!

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