Stampin’ Blends Questions & Answers

Stampin’ Up! Blends are a new alcohol based markers that became available on November 1st, 2017.  Based on your questions, I’ve compiled a few answers below.  The most popular questions were Question 1 and Question 8.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 . How are these markers different from the previous alcohol markers that came out a few years ago.

A1. The new Stampin’ Blends markers have been extensively tested for evaporation issues. The lids have a press fit seal that are designed to seal the marker to by preventing air entering the barrel and causing evaporation (which was an issue with some of the previous markers).  The new markers are different also that come in a combination light and dark duos (rather than a 3 pack) and as a bonus, they are also sold individually!

Q2. Why are there two tips?

A2. Each marker has a fine tip/bulltet tip for smaller images and a brush tip for larger areas. There are little icons showing the different types  of tips on the marker barrel.  Also the thicker line near the marker caps indicates the brush tip/larger tip.

Q3. Can the markers be purchased individually?

A3. Yes you can purchase each marker individually or in a 2 pack combo (the light and dark) or a complete set of 27 markers (12 blends with light and dark + colour lifter + 2 skin tones).  See the chart below for pricing.

Q4. Are the markers refillable?

A4. No. Stampin’ Up! made the decision to provide a low-cost, high-quality marker that could easily and economically be replaced without having to worry about purchasing ink refills or nib replacements. By offering them singly (see Question above), you can purchase individual replacements.

Q5. What is the colour lifter?

A5. The colour lifter has no colour in it an it is used to erase, highlight, blend and add texture.  To erase colour, gently go over the mistake to “push” the colour back inside the lines. You may have to go over it a few times.  Use it to highlight by removing colour you’ve blended (like on a balloon or jar).  Use it to soften up or blend any harsh lines.  Use it sparingly when softening lines or you will create a lighter stripe.  To create texture, swirl the lifter in one place over the colour and the alcohol will pool a little.  This gives a cool watercolour effect and adds texture and background to your image.

Q6. How do I make skin colour?

A6. With the Ivory and Bronze Blends (which are each sold individual), you can create a wide range of skin tones by using them independently, layering them together, or with other colours. Try adding pink pirouette or crumb cake.

Q7. I want to start with a couple of colours, what do you recommend?

A7. Gasp, you don’t want them all?   I get that you might want to try them out first or space out your purchases.  But start with at least 3 colour combos (light and dark) so that you get a true feel for how they look and blend.  And so that you have enough colours to colour an image.  And don’t forget the colour lifter, a memento inkpad and some Whisper White cardstock.  Pick what colours you like the best (see the chart on this page).

If I HAD to pick though, and I was colouring a floral image (see details on how I did the one below here) I’d pick these colours (3 duos and the colour lifter):

  • Calypso Coral Light or Rich Razzleberry Light
  • Calypso Coral Dark or Rich Razzleberry Dark
  • Old Olive Light
  • Olive Olive Dark
  • Pool Party Light
  • Pool Party Dark
  • Colour Lifter

If I was colouring a person, I’d pick these colours (4 duos, Colour Lifter and Ivory Skin tone):

  • Colour Lifter
  • Ivory
  • Crumb Cake Dark
  • Crumb Cake Light
  • Night of Navy Dark
  • Night of Navy Light
  • Cherry Cobbler Dark
  • Cherry Cobbler Light
  • Daffodil Delight Dark
  • Daffodil Delight Light

It is super hard to pick and in the end, I love and have used them all, and want even more colours!  The beautiful thing is that you can blend colours together to create your own custom colours.

Q8. How are these markers different from the Stampin’ Write Markers currently in the catalogue?

A8.  Here’s a comparison chart of the two types of markers Stampin’ Up! has.

Comparison of Stampin' Write Markers and Stampin' Blends

FeatureStampin' Write MarkersStampin' Blends
The LookWill give bright, true to name colour. But streaks and lines are visible. Great for very small images or inking up stamps.The colours blend easily so you don’t get funny overlap lines when you colour. Gives artist like look. Colours do not fade.

  • Colour line art images.
  • Partially colour images on stamps (omitting).
  • Use in place of inkpads to ink up stamps.

  • Colour line art images and add depth and dimension by shading.

  • Use to colour rhinestones, pearls, buttons and even on window sheets!

Water Based MarkersAlcohol markers means that the ink inside is suspended in alcohol instead of water, so they are NOT water soluble.

  • Round barrel.

  • Dual tipped (for colouring large and small images).

  • Caps that nest (stick the lid on the other end of your marker so you don’t lose it!)

  • Purchase a full set and get a storage case.

  • Square barrel (will not roll off the table)

  • Dual tipped (for colouring large and small images).

  • Caps that nest (stick the lid on the other end of your marker so you don’t lose it!)


Store horizontally to maintain the life of each marker.

  • Store horizontally to maintain the life of each marker.

  • Use Stampin’ Up!'s Full Wide Stamp Cases

  • Replace the lid quickly after colouring to prevent your marker from drying out. You should hear a “click” when you replace the lid so you know it’s on all the way.

ColoursAvailable in Stampin’ Up’s
exclusive 48 colours.
Available in 12 exclusive Stampin’ Up! Colours including a light and dark tone for each colour. There are also 2 skin tones (Ivory and Bronze) and a Colour Lifter for a total of 27 markers. Colours can be blended to create other colours. The colours are:

  1. Bermuda Bay

  2. Calypso Coral

  3. Cherry Cobbler

  4. Crumb Cake

  5. Daffodil Delight

  6. Night of Navy

  7. Old Olive

  8. Pink Pirouette

  9. Pool Party

  10. Pumpkin Pie

  11. Rich Razzleberry

  12. Smoky Slate

Prices Stampin' Write Markers are sold by Colour Collection:

  • Regals (10 markers) $39

  • Brights (10 markers) $39

  • Subtles (10 markers) $39

  • Neutrals (8 markers) $32

  • In-Color (5 markers) $20.50

Stampin' Blends are sold:

  • as Individual Markers $6

  • as Duo Combo Pack $12

  • or a full set of 26 markers (includes Colour Lifter, Ivory & Bronze) $162

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